Monday, August 17, 2009

Puppy Videos

I found a couple of Murphy's puppy videos to share with everyone. He was such a silly little puppy. He's grown so much, but he's still a wild and crazy puggle. I hope these videos get a few laughs! Enjoy : )

Chewing puggle

Attacking the big bone

Murphy vs. the Ugg

At home

Here's some photos of Murphy just being himself around the house. He goes where the action is, whether it's out sunning on the deck or helping Dad exercise.


Back to San Diego

Hi everyone! We took another trip down to San Diego to visit the family. We enjoyed the nice weather. It was in the upper 70s everyday. Murphy got some new indestructible toys at Muttropolis. The Earth ball can fit treats inside and smells like peppermint to freshen stinky puppy breath! Murphy also had to take a bath while down south, cause he was rolling around in the dirt all the time. 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trip to SD

Murphy loves going down to San Diego to visit the family. They always give him new toys and lots of loving. Plus he loves to hang out in the backyard and bark at all the dogs that go by. He got a new toy that holds a water bottle inside it that can be replaced. He loved crunching that bottle!