Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's summertime- that means time for Frosty Paws and buddies. Murphy had a play day with his best bud, Kona. Kona is a cute little "chiweenie" with an attitude. They chase each other around all day and then just lounge. 

Frosty Paw!
Chilling on the bed
Kona is one tough chiweenie
The boys messing around
Hanging out the window

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beach

Murph's favorite place is the beach. He loves to wade in the water and dig in the sand. There is just something about the salty breeze. Here are some pictures of Murph at different beaches. In LA county, Murph has to walk on the boardwalk while his dad is surfing, because dogs aren't allowed on the beach.
smiling for the camera
keeping cool on a hot day
out in Ventura
waiting for Dad to get out of the water
digging for sand crabs

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anton's Blog

Murph says to check out his buddy Anton's blog
Above is a picture Anton took of Murph at the dog park a while back.


It's been so hot here during the day- over 100. Murph hasn't been happy about having to stay inside. So last night, we decided to take him out to a BBQ where he could hang out with all his friends. He thought about jumping into the pool, but decided he'd rather hang with his buddy, Chilly.