Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beach

Murph's favorite place is the beach. He loves to wade in the water and dig in the sand. There is just something about the salty breeze. Here are some pictures of Murph at different beaches. In LA county, Murph has to walk on the boardwalk while his dad is surfing, because dogs aren't allowed on the beach.
smiling for the camera
keeping cool on a hot day
out in Ventura
waiting for Dad to get out of the water
digging for sand crabs


  1. I love the one where he is sort of far away and you see the leash stretch out towards him. Cool blog, keep up the great work. And email me or text when you gots somethin to say, I'm over Facebook. Too many nerds looking at my life.

  2. mr. puggle is printing a 2010 calendar and wants to include members of his puggle posse. if you get a great shot of him at the beach (or elsewhere) you can submit it for consideration. you read more about it here.